Hoof and Paw Pet Care LLC


Prices are subject to change. Additional services available upon request.

Dog Walk

We take your pooch for a walk, or spend time in your yard to potty and burn some energy!

30 Min walk/yard time       $22

45 Min walk/yard time       $37

1 Hour walk/yard time       $42

+$5 for more than 2 dogs

Cat Care

$27/Visit-households with ONLY cats

One visit per day is REQUIRED. During each visit, cat(s) will have litter boxes cleaned, fresh food, and fresh water. Attention/play time for friendly cats.


Feeding + Turn in/out          $20

Stall Cleaning                      $10

Pasture/Paddock Cleaning    $15/30 mins


*Currently not accepting more clients for Equine Care

Hobby Farm

2 visits per day for mixed farm animals. Price varies dependent upon number of animals and labor required. 

Price starts at $50/day

Stall/pen cleaning

Price starts at $10/stall/pen

*Currently not accepting new clients for Hobby Farm Care

Extra Services

Drop in visits- for dogs, minimum of 3 visits per 24 hours. Other pets, minimum of 1 visit per day. Price is per visit, price will vary depending on time and labor required


Administering medication (oral or Sub Q ONLY)               $5

Hoof and Paw Pet Care LC.


Monday - Friday | 8 Am to 7 pm

Saturday + Sunday| 9 am to 6 pm


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